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Our Company1


Torks Industrial Solar engineers are American and German trained proficient experts in the mechanics and technology of solar equipment. We manufacture components and inverters, troubleshoot and repair solar equipment, and employ preventive maintenance plans that result in long term value to our clients. Our redundancy strategies result in our clients having Constant Power.


Torks Industrial Solar will provide accessible, affordable, quality solar energy to the Industrial Market. Torks Solar manufactures its own solar products and equipment in Ghana and provide solar energy at a cost less than the prevailing market rate. Torks Solar seeks to make electricity available to heavy traffic and remote areas in Ghana to ease problems related to the lack of electricity and reduce the cost of energy. Our commercial division will focus on the optimal functioning of schools, hospitals, churches and other large-scale projects. While our residential division focus will cater to the needs of Ghanaians who are focused on working with a service provider committed to completing the project right the first time.


What differentiates Torks Solar is our significantly experienced management team, ability to manufacture within Ghana, train a domestic workforce, and develop a manufacturing industry and that truly understands the solar technology needs of Ghana. Our immediate and long term goal is to develop a stable workforce in Ghana that will contribute to the Ghana economy now and for years to come.