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Our Company


Torks Industrial Solar (TIS) engineers are an American-trained experts in electronic, electrical engineering, and solar equipment mechanics. We maintain and repair Solar field Inverters and also troubleshoot for solar systems.

Our engineers and technicians are well vested in solar technology. They can troubleshoot various solar plants and fields while employing preventive maintenance strategies, that result in long-term value to our clients. 


Maintenance: Keeping an eye on your Power Plant and making sure it’s in good shape while production is kept at a maximum. 

Troubleshooting: The application of experience and knowledge provides good and accurate solutions during our procedures for customer satisfaction. 

Repairs: With a 24hr response time backed with a precision and systematic approach, engineers of TIS guarantee full restoration of solar power plants. 


What differentiates TIS is our significantly experienced management team, experienced engineers and technicians, and our ability to troubleshoot and diagnose accurately and apply efficient repairs to Solar Systems. 

Our experience enables us to provide good consultations to our clients and provide the best maintenance strategies for their systems.

The best solution and parts/components are used in repairs of solar systems.